five gumbys / the dukes

from the official monty python show | gallery 1988


the vacation of the future today

from the fake theme parks show | gallery 1988



from the spawn 25th anniversary show | gallery 1988



from the animal kingdom show | gallery 1988


beat 'm or burn 'm

from the crazy 4 cult XI show | gallery 1988


oh my

from the focus features 15th anniversary show | gallery 1988

give me the amulet, you b…

from the 30 years later show | gallery 1988

out into the wasteland

from the mad max tribute show | creature features

the things we do for love

from the iam8bit: a love story show | iam8bit

misery, christine, the mist

from the stephen king tribute show | gallery 1988

not bennings

from the thing 35th anniversary book / show | printed in blood / creature features

white light

from may the power protect you, an official power rangers show | iam8bit

[…] step out of the car, sir

from the coens brothers tribute show | gallery 1988

son of scissorhands

from the sequel 2 show | iam8bit

this tv […]

from the official rick and morty show | gallery 1988

good ash / bad ash

from the crazy 4 cult show | gallery 1988

satellite of love

from the postcard correspondence show | gallery 1988

we come in peace

from the 20 years later show | gallery 1988

out where

from conspiracies, monsters and mythology, an x-files art show | iam8bit

game & watch

from the 10th anniversary show | iam8bit

kirk vs …

from the idiot box show | gallery 1988

space invaders

from the pixel hearts show | gallery 1988

altair IV

from the postcards from space show | iam8bit

long live the new flesh

from the sequel show | iam8bit

a selection of illustrations

a lightbox of art, commissioned and non-commissioned, recent and not-all-that-recent, in no specific order